kitty_xfactorI have never been a big fan of very much popular music. Shows like the ‘X Factor’ I find unwatchable mainly because of the plethora of over-emotional screaming banshee’s that the show seems to attract by the bus load. I don’t deny that some may be very talented but I simply cannot enjoy the idea of every kind of vocal pyrotechnical nonsense desperately competing in a singing olympic games. Ella Fitzgerald could sing every jazz-lick there was but also knew how to sing pure notes melodically without constantly sliding to infinity and back. It must be possible though to perform a song (soulfully) from the heart without destroying the beauty of the original. When I used to teach singing, it was the tone (timbre), pitch and breath control that was crucial. Learn to sing every scale, arpeggio and interval perfectly (coupled with ear & rhythm training) and your style will develop naturally. All this BEFORE enrolling for the You-Tube karaoke academy. Instrumentalists learn to produce perfectly pure notes of different lengths (in tune) without vibratos, slides, trills and modulations before attempting to play like Miles Davis or Stefan Grappelli. Vocalists should start in a similar fashion.
Anyway I do not profess to be a songwriter (or singer) but this page will endeavour to archive some of my humble efforts.

There is much more detailed infomation on the ‘Song-Notes‘ page


Cat.No. TitleDescriptionInfoLinkMusNeoSMP
183-15To Fall In Lovemusical style love balladMN-logo
124-01If Onlylyrics by Mel StallwoodMN-logo
102-80You will never know (Beyond the Rain)lyrics by Jane Stallwood
103-80Suffer the Little Childrenlyrics by Jane Stallwood
132-04Don't Watch While I'm Hurtinglyrics by Jane Stallwood
133-04Maybe Tomorrowlyrics by Jane Stallwood
134-05The Stainton Stomplyrics and line-dance by Jane Stallwood
151-10Stay with melyrics by David Tremaine 2007
152-10Countdown to our last Goodbyelyrics by David Tremaine 2005
153-10So Close and yet so Far Awaylyrics by David Tremaine 2008
199-15One Day Soonlyrics by Jane Stallwood
249-19When I Hear Godlyrics by Jane StallwoodMN-logo
250-19Going Home Foreverlyrics by Jane StallwoodMN-logo

The Mirror Beyond

Cat.No.TitleDescriptionInfoLink MusNeoSMP
107-81Overture from ’The Mirror Beyond’Overtureinfo
108-811% SurvivorsSonginfo
109-81Women in CommandSonginfo
110-81The Ballad of Thurginfo
111-81Viva La Differenceinfo
112-81Suzie’s Songinfo
113-8125th Century Heroesinfo
114-81Good Timing(Goldiggers of 1933)info
115-81Love with Square Eyes(Goldiggers of 1933)info
116-81Dreaming (also Alice's Dream)(Alice in Peterborough)info

The Angel of Derry

Cat.No.TitleDescriptionInfoLink MusNeoSMP
117-01...Like an Emerald'arranged for flute/fiddle/guitarinfo
118-01Dance of the SunriseIrish instr. 'Dance of the Dawn'info
119-01Your Peace will FlowBill/Mary Harp/Flute duetinfo
103-80Suffer the Little Children (RW)the children’s wardinfo
120-01Ireland, my Irelandantheminfo
121-01The Women Danced with Tambourinesthe peace movementinfo
102-80You Will Never Know (RW)song - Maryinfo
122-01Sean's Funeral - Williams Marchthe troublesinfo
123-01Leprachaun Danceaccordian
124-01If Onlysong from BillinfoMN-logo
103-80Angel's Music Boxbackground musicinfo
120-01aIreland, my Ireland (reprise)info

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