Portfolio (complete works – 1978-2018)

mel_stallwood_smallThis page contains a catalogue of more or less everything I have ever written between 1980-2018 (sound samples are on the other pages). I began attempting composition as a child but I can only remember a few fragments of the ideas I had then. It wasn’t till I was in my early 30’s that my next door neighbour (a GP called Richard Cartmel) suggested I collaborate with him on a musical he had written for a Cambridge Theatre Company he was associated Dik Cartmelwith. Eventually ‘The Mirror Beyond’ was performed in Cambridge and Peterborough and the Edinburgh Festival in 1982. I was travelling back and forth to the continent at the time but we still managed to write a pantomime (comedy) musical for radio called ‘Alice in Peterborough’. I had a recording studio with grand piano etc. in my basement so most of the work was finished on site. For some reason I stopped writing for 20 years, but after moving further north to Teesdale (Co. Durham) I gained some inspiration from the beautiful countryside and began writing piano and orchestral music often based on watery phenonema. I seem to write for 3 or 4 days frantically and then the flow suddenly stops. I may not write anything for a year or more and then the tap turns itself on again.


Early compositions 1978-1981

179-78Owen's on the Fiddlefirst called 'The Donkey Song'Info-logoMN-logo
101-80Chick PleaseTribute to Chick CoreaInfo-logo
102-80You will never know (Beyond the Rain)lyrics by Jane Stallwood
103-80Suffer the Little Childrenlyrics by Jane Stallwood
104-80Free Range FunkPiano FunkInfo-logo
105-81Piano Hoedowna 'jazzy' hoedownInfo-logo
106-81Sylviawritten for Sylvia MaltInfo-logo


The Mirror Beyond (Edinburgh Festival) 1982

Cat.No.TitleDescriptionInfoLink MusNeoSMP
107-81Overture from ’The Mirror Beyond’Overtureinfo
108-811% SurvivorsSonginfo
109-81Women in CommandSonginfo
110-81The Ballad of Thurginfo
111-81Viva La Differenceinfo
112-81Suzie’s Songinfo
113-8125th Century Heroesinfo
114-81Good Timing(Goldiggers of 1933)info
115-81Love with Square Eyes(Goldiggers of 1933)info
116-81Dreaming (also Alice's Dream)(Alice in Peterborough)info


The Angel of Derry (Irish Suite)

Cat.No.TitleDescriptionInfoLink MusNeoSMP
117-01...Like an Emerald'arranged for flute/fiddle/guitarinfo
118-01Dance of the SunriseIrish instr. 'Dance of the Dawn'info
119-01Your Peace will FlowBill/Mary Harp/Flute duetinfo
103-80Suffer the Little Children (RW)the children’s wardinfo
120-01Ireland, my Irelandantheminfo
121-01The Women Danced with Tambourinesthe peace movementinfo
102-80You Will Never Know (RW)song - Maryinfo
122-01Sean's Funeral - Williams Marchthe troublesinfo
123-01Leprachaun Danceaccordian etc.info
124-01If Onlysong from BillinfoMN-logo
103-80Angel's Music Boxbackground musicinfo
120-01aIreland, my Ireland (reprise)info


Songs (with lyrics)

Cat.No. TitleDescriptionInfoLinkMusNeoSMP
183-15To Fall In Lovemusical style love balladMN-logo
124-01If Onlylyrics by Mel StallwoodMN-logo
102-80You will never know (Beyond the Rain)lyrics by Jane Stallwood
103-80Suffer the Little Childrenlyrics by Jane Stallwood
132-04Don't Watch While I'm Hurtinglyrics by Jane Stallwood
133-04Maybe Tomorrowlyrics by Jane Stallwood
134-05The Stainton Stomplyrics and line-dance by Jane Stallwood
151-10Stay with melyrics by David Tremaine 2007
152-10Countdown to our last Goodbyelyrics by David Tremaine 2005
153-10So Close and yet so Far Awaylyrics by David Tremaine 2008
199-15One Day Soonlyrics by Jane Stallwood
249-19When I Hear Godlyrics by Jane StallwoodMN-logo
250-19Going Home Foreverlyrics by Jane StallwoodMN-logo


Valley of the Ice Flowers

Cat.No.TitleDescriptionInfo Link MusNeoSMP
125-01Valley of the Ice Flowersoriginally 'Keep a Rainbow in your Heart'Info-logoCDBaby-logoMN-logoSMP-logo
144-07Nocturne for Janededicated to my wife Jane.Info-logoiTunesMN-logoSMP-logo
126-01Elspeth's Dreamoriginally part of the 'Teesdale Suite'Info-logoCDBaby-logoMN-logoSMP-logo
127-01Dance of the Dawnor 'dance of the sunrise'Info-logoiTunes
128-01River of Peace (RW)reworked 'your peace will flow...'Info-logoCDBaby-logo
145-07The Fairy Cupboardsor 'lost in the fairy cupboards'Info-logoiTunesMN-logoSMP-logo
129-01Caryn's Castlestarted life as part of the 'Irish Suite'Info-logoCDBaby-logo
106-81Sylvia (RW)written for Sylvia MaltInfo-logoiTunesMN-logo
131-02The Water Wheeloriginally 'Life Keeps Turning'Info-logoCDBaby-logoMN-logo
102-80Beyond the Raininstrumental version of 'you will never know...'Info-logoiTunes
130-01As Fair as Eden (RW)reworked 'Ireland, my Ireland'Info-logoCDBaby-logo
124-01If Onlyinstrumental version of SongInfo-logoiTunes
160-12Gibson's Cavesupplement to the Fairy CupboardsInfo-logoCDBaby-logoMN-logo


Jazz, Ragtime & Novelty Piano

Ragtime Stride & Novelty

Cat.No.TitleDescriptionInfoLink MusNeoSMP
179-78Owen's on the Fiddlefirst called 'The Donkey Song' (Hoedown)info
123a-01Silent Movie Rag (RW)also called 'Magic Lantern Rag'infoMN-logoSMP-logo
132-02Ragatina (No.1)also called 'Ragamuffin'infoMN-logoSMP-logo
133-02Melvyn the Hairy MammothComedy, Cartoon, arr. for brass quartetinfoMN-logo
140-05The Royal Wedding Ragfor Charles & CamillainfoMN-logo
141-05Cuba Libra (with a lime wedge)Latin/Ragtime FusioninfoMN-logo
149-10Glad-RagA rag with too much engine oilinfoMN-logo
150-10The 3rd Waypolitical satire (novelty piano)info
168-15Cleaning the Bath(Ragatina No.2) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
169-15The Cordless Vacuum(Ragatina No.3) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
170-15Decorating the Parlour(Ragatina No.4) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
171-15A Little Pick 'n' Mix(Ragatina No.5) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
172-15Muddling Through(Ragatina No.6) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
178-15Fiddlin' On(Ragatina No.7) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
173-15Tinkling the PlasticsRagtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
180-15The Sweetest PeaRagtime novelty piano pieceinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
181-15Two Terries Rag(Ragatina No.11) RagtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
182-15Sweet Ol' Granny GreenRagtime/Strideinfo
184-15Jolly Good RagRagtime/StrideinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
185-15Two Left FeetMarch/WaltzinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
187-15Where's the White Ball Going?(Ragatina No.12) Stride/NoveltyinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
188-15What did you think of the Jam?(Ragatina No.9) Stride/NoveltyinfoMN-logo
189-15Postman Pauline(Ragatina No.10) Stride/NoveltyinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
192-15Living in a Complicated LifeStride/Novelty (classical)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
193-15Rag-ManinoffRagtime (classical)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
194-15Turning in the GravyNovelty Piano (classical)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
195-15Scuttlebutt WagRagtime/NoveltyinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
196-15Crazy ThirdsStride/Novelty (classical)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
197-15Rosy Buckle's HoneyNovelty PianoinfoSMP-logo
198-15Sheep in Woolly JumpersNovelty PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
200-16That Old Film FlickerNovelty PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
201-16Buster's Pork PieNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
202-16No-one makes me AppierNovelty PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
203-16When Oliver met StanNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
207-16Higgledy-Piggledy Novelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
210-17Bob 'n' MargeNovelty PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
213-17Pootlin' in BootleNovelty PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
209-16The Pointless ChaseNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
214-17Tea in the ParkNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
215-17JoshuaNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logo
217-18Steven the TrekkieNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
218-18The Chocolate FayreNovelty Piano (Silent Movie/Ragtime)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
234-18Fastest Finger FirstNovelty Piano (Silent Movie/Ragtime)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
235-18It's Triplets!Novelty Piano (Silent Movie/Stride)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
236-18Stride Never DiedNovelty Piano (Silent Movie/Stride)infoMN-logo
237-18Trippity Trip to IrelandNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logo
238-18New Allotment HoedownNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logo
251-19Wikkity Wakkity Doo DooNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logo
174-1510 Rags, Ragatinas & Novelty TunesRagtime album MN-logo
190-1510 Rags, Ragatinas etc. Vol.2Ragtime album MN-logo
24 Rags, Ragatina's etc.Ragtime/Novelty
Joanne's Song Stride/Boogie - collaboration with Joanne Bowers
Ragtime Stride & Novelty


Jazz Dazzlers (for Piano)

104-81Piano Hoedownoriginally written for country band 'burnt ash'infoMN-logo
134-02Keep on Rollin'Boogie in 7/4infoMN-logo
135-02Goin' off the RailsBoogie Rock Pianoinfo
101-80Chick Pleasetribute to Chick Coreainfo
136-02I Wanna Boogie 'n' Get On Downpiano boogie-woogieinfo
137-02Boppy DazzlerBe-Bop Pianoinfo
138-02My BabyJazz Dazzlers for Starters No.1
139-02When in Spain
142-05Boogie 4-2Piano boogie DuetMN-logo
191-15ClavatoryHohner Clavinette 70's Jazz FunkinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
143-057 Jazz Dazzlers for PianoAlbum published on MusicaneoMN-logo


Pieces for Piano

Cat.No. TitleDescriptionInfoLinkMusNeoSMP
144-08Water Under the BridgeRomantic Piano StudyinfoamazonMN-logo
145-08Dancing in the RainRomantic Piano StudyinfoamazonMN-logo
146-09AngeliqueRomantic Piano StudyinfoamazonMN-logoSMP-logo
147-09For Julie (RW)Romantic piano studyamazon
148-09Bon VoyageRomantic Piano StudyinfoMN-logo
154-10RemissionImpromptu style workinfoMN-logo
155-10The Things I LovedSentimental pieceinfoMN-logo
156-10 Stay till the End of the WorldPiano with SynthinfoMN-logo
157-10I'll Remember You Songlike StudyinfoMN-logo
159-10From the CradleCradle Song (Berceuse)infoMN-logo
158-10Girl with a Teardrop in her EyeSonglike StudyinfoMN-logo
131-02 Life Keeps Turningalso called 'The Water Wheel'infoMN-logo
145a-07The Fairy Cupboards Fantasieinfo
160-10Gibson's CaveFantasieinfoMN-logo
121a-01Dance of the Women (RW) Piano Version
161-11Paul's Lament GymnopedieinfoMN-logo
162-12 Guess who loves you Sentimental piano pieceinfoMN-logo
163-12I Love the Rain Songlike piano balladinfoMN-logo
164-12Ring the Curtain (One Last Time) Songlike piano balladinfoMN-logo
165-12Rhapsody for Utøya Rhapsodic piano fantasiainfoMN-logoSMP-logo
166-12Valldemossa Spanish piano balladinfo
139a-02Yo todavía sueño de España Spanish Piano FantasiainfoMN-logo
107a-81Overture from ’The Mirror Beyond’ Piano Solo Versioninfo
167-14Adagio in A minorsad serenade (also for guitar)infoMN-logo
175-15Sophiewritten for GranddaughterinfoMN-logo
176-15This is Monday (The Time is Wright) dedicated to TiminfoMN-logo
177-15Bavarian Journeyalso scored for fluteinfoMN-logo
183-15To Fall In Lovemusical style love balladinfoMN-logo
185-15Two Left FeetMarch/WaltzinfoMN-logo
186-15SummerSentimental piano pieceinfoMN-logo
191-15She's just like a Sixties Girl Instrumental versioninfoMN-logo
199-15One Day SoonSonglike piano balladinfoMN-logo
211-17This is My DayConcert StudyinfoMN-logo
212-17Chanson pour Jeanne Sentimental piano pieceinfoMN-logo
216-18Étude en violetPiano StudyinfoMN-logo
219-18Étude en BleuPiano StudyinfoMN-logo
220-18Étude en IndigoPiano StudyinfoMN-logo
221-18Étude en JaunePiano StudyinfoMN-logo
222-18Étude en VertPiano StudyinfoMN-logo
231-18Un souvenir de la merMood MusicinfoMN-logo
239-18Monsieur ClaydermanSentimental piano pieceinfoMN-logo
240-18Chanson d’automneSentimental piano pieceinfoMN-logo
241-19Première ImpressionImpressionist PianoinfoMN-logo
247-19Sequence danceBaroque Piano StudyinfoMN-logo
103a-80Angel's Music BoxPiano Solo



String Quartet
154-10aRemissionarrangement for a small string orchestra
120-01aIrelandString Quintet and Oboe
186-16aSummerString quartet arr. from original piano
191-15aShe's just like a Sixties GirlString quartet arr. from original piano
204-16Zimmer in the FrameA swashbuckling film type theme to test GPO5
208-16Forgiveness (Forgive Me)Intense Film Score Theme
206-16FaithOrchestral slow strings test for GPO5
205-16Time to LeaveCor Anglais - String Q (Requiem)infoMN-logo
102-80aBeyond the RainString quartet arr. from original piano
134a-02Keep on Bowin'arr. of 'Keep on Rollin'info
135a-02Goin' off the RailsInfo-logo
192a-15Living in a Complicated LifeClarinet in Bb and PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
123b-01Magic Lantern RagClarinet in Bb and PianoinfoMN-logo
141a-05Cuba LibreClarinet and Piano in Ginfo
132a-02Ragatina No.1Clarinet and Piano in Dbinfo
177a-15Bavarian JourneyFlute/Piano (also scored for piano)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
185a-15Two Left FeetBrass Quintet March/WaltzinfoMN-logo
192b-15Living in a Complicated LifeBrass QuintetinfoMN-logo
133a-02Melvyn the Hairy MammothComedy, Cartoon, arranged for brass quartetinfoMN-logo
137a-02Boppy Dazzler(Big Band)
The Wild Warrior Women of Weardale (an unpremiered work based on the 'Overture from the Mirror Beyond' and arranged for full orchestra.MN-logo
167-14Adagio in A minorsad serenade (guitar/strings)
204-16Time to LeaveCor Anglais - String Q (Requiem)infoMN-logo
145a-07The Fairy CupboardsThis arrangement includes the string parts used on the CD
Teesdale Suite - SpringOrch. arr. of Keep a Rainbow in your heart
Teesdale Suite - Winter original Orch arr. of (later became) Elspeths Dream
140a-05Royal Wedding RagPiano duetMN-logo
142-05Boogie 4-2Piano boogie DuetMN-logo
The Källberg Suite
224-18The Over ChewerStrings/Percussion
229-18The Kool-Berg ComethStrings/Percussion
227-18Troll AlertStrings/Percussion
228-18No CurveStrings/Percussion
225-18The Lionheart(Richard's Theme)
243-19Classycool MusicOrchestral
245-19Think RichStrings/Percussion
242-19The Puppet InstituteStrings/Woodwind
244-19Moody No.1Orchestral
230-18My Fillum MusicOrchestral Cinematic
241-19Première ImpressionPiano Trio
175a-15Sophie/Prayer for a GardenStrings/Woodwind
246-19Attack ThoughtsShort Cinematic Clip
247a-19DivertimentoClassical/Baroque style
248-19Requiem for a TreeRequiem

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