I am gradually adding media to this page. Mainly piano compositions. These compositions are mostly classical or easy listening. There is much more detailed information on the Piano-Notes page.
Here are three of my latest piano Frenchy pieces! Monsieur Clayderman, Chanson d’automne and Première Impression.

Monsieur Clayderman (dedicated to Richard Clayderman)
Chanson d’automne (Song of Autumn)
Première Impression (First Impression)
I Just wrote this piece 23rd February 2018 (Étude en Indigo) which I meant to be one of my French ‘colour studies’ and seems to involve too many shades to be included in the ‘rainbow’ series so I am thinking to rename it.
Étude en Bleu (below)
Sequence Dance (below)

Piano Compositions (mainly Classical)

Cat.No. TitleDescriptionInfoLinkMusNeoSMP
144-08Water Under the BridgeRomantic Piano StudyinfoamazonMN-logo
145-08Dancing in the RainRomantic Piano StudyinfoamazonMN-logo
146-09AngeliqueRomantic Piano StudyinfoamazonMN-logoSMP-logo
147-09For Julie (RW)Romantic piano studyamazon
148-09Bon VoyageRomantic Piano StudyinfoMN-logo
154-10RemissionImpromptu style workinfoMN-logo
155-10The Things I LovedSentimental pieceinfoMN-logo
156-10 Stay till the End of the WorldPiano with SynthinfoMN-logo
157-10I'll Remember You Songlike StudyinfoMN-logo
159-10From the CradleCradle Song (Berceuse)infoMN-logo
158-10Girl with a Teardrop in her EyeSonglike StudyinfoMN-logo
131-02 Life Keeps Turningalso called 'The Water Wheel'infoMN-logo
145a-07The Fairy Cupboards Fantasieinfo
160-10Gibson's CaveFantasieinfoMN-logo
121a-01Dance of the Women (RW) Piano Version
161-11Paul's Lament GymnopedieinfoMN-logo
162-12 Guess who loves you Sentimental piano pieceinfoMN-logo
163-12I Love the Rain Songlike piano balladinfoMN-logo
164-12Ring the Curtain (One Last Time) Songlike piano balladinfoMN-logo
165-12Rhapsody for Utøya Rhapsodic piano fantasiainfoMN-logoSMP-logo
166-12Valldemossa Spanish piano balladinfo
139a-02Yo todavía sueño de España Spanish Piano FantasiainfoMN-logo
107a-81Overture from ’The Mirror Beyond’ Piano Solo Versioninfo
167-14Adagio in A minorsad serenade (also for guitar)infoMN-logo
175-15Sophiewritten for GranddaughterinfoMN-logo
176-15This is Monday (The Time is Wright) dedicated to TiminfoMN-logo
177-15Bavarian Journeyalso scored for fluteinfoMN-logo
183-15To Fall In Lovemusical style love balladinfoMN-logo
185-15Two Left FeetMarch/WaltzinfoMN-logo
186-15SummerSentimental piano pieceinfoMN-logo
191-15She's just like a Sixties Girl Instrumental versioninfoMN-logo
199-15One Day SoonSonglike piano balladinfoMN-logo
211-17This is My DayConcert StudyinfoMN-logo
212-17Chanson pour Jeanne Sentimental piano pieceinfoMN-logo
216-18Étude en violetPiano StudyinfoMN-logo
219-18Étude en BleuPiano StudyinfoMN-logo
220-18Étude en IndigoPiano StudyinfoMN-logo
221-18Étude en JaunePiano StudyinfoMN-logo
222-18Étude en VertPiano StudyinfoMN-logo
231-18Un souvenir de la merMood MusicinfoMN-logo
239-18Monsieur ClaydermanSentimental piano pieceinfoMN-logo
240-18Chanson d’automneSentimental piano pieceinfoMN-logo
241-19Première ImpressionImpressionist PianoinfoMN-logo
247-19Sequence danceBaroque Piano StudyinfoMN-logo
103a-80Angel's Music BoxPiano Solo

Recent Posts

Bavarian Journey

I spent several years working in Germany and I wrote this to capture the ambience of Munich and Bavaria. The videos show the Christmas market. I also imagined snowy sleigh rides but didn’t have any clips to match. Maybe I could have added some bells? I rushed this video a bit so the synchronicity is probably… Well there isn’t any actually!

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