Orchestral music by Mel Stallwood

mel_stallwood_smallThis page contains my compositions for instruments other than piano (although I have included some piano duets) I have always neglected writing serious orchestral works because of the quality of the huge existing repertoire and every time I sit down at the piano with an idea my fingers naturally begin to improvise in typical piano styles (classical or jazz) I would like to improve my ability to blend and weave harmonies using conventional instruments but I have a tendency to fill out the flesh too much, resulting in something akin to a big mushy organ from Blackpool. I feel like a painter who quickly achieves a nice balanced work but can’t resist slopping on more and more paint in the vain hope that it will only get better. (Noo, Noo Noo)

I use a notation program with some old string samples which unfortunately do not respond to expression symbols but I use the envelopes in my Reaper (DAW) to make the best mix I can. I am trying to save up and buy GPO4 or similar but it’s proving a tad difficult now I am living on my pension alone… (he is now sobbing uncontrollably)

This is dedicated to my old website – ‘Classycool Music.
This one (below) is from my Mood series – No.1 – ‘Lonely’
Just currently writing some video game tunes for ‘Zimmer in the Frame’ This is called The Kool-Berg Cometh.
This is one is for the character ‘Diabolokool’.
This one is called ‘Troll Alert’
This one is the Over Chewer
This one is ‘No Curve’
This one is ‘Synagogue of Saturnus’
This one is called ‘The Puppet Institute’
This one is called ‘Think Rich’
This one is called ‘Attack Thoughts’




String Quartet
154-10aRemissionarrangement for a small string orchestra
120-01aIrelandString Quintet and Oboe
186-16aSummerString quartet arr. from original piano
191-15aShe's just like a Sixties GirlString quartet arr. from original piano
204-16Zimmer in the FrameA swashbuckling film type theme to test GPO5
208-16Forgiveness (Forgive Me)Intense Film Score Theme
206-16FaithOrchestral slow strings test for GPO5
205-16Time to LeaveCor Anglais - String Q (Requiem)infoMN-logo
102-80aBeyond the RainString quartet arr. from original piano
134a-02Keep on Bowin'arr. of 'Keep on Rollin'info
135a-02Goin' off the RailsInfo-logo
192a-15Living in a Complicated LifeClarinet in Bb and PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
123b-01Magic Lantern RagClarinet in Bb and PianoinfoMN-logo
141a-05Cuba LibreClarinet and Piano in Ginfo
132a-02Ragatina No.1Clarinet and Piano in Dbinfo
177a-15Bavarian JourneyFlute/Piano (also scored for piano)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
185a-15Two Left FeetBrass Quintet March/WaltzinfoMN-logo
192b-15Living in a Complicated LifeBrass QuintetinfoMN-logo
133a-02Melvyn the Hairy MammothComedy, Cartoon, arranged for brass quartetinfoMN-logo
137a-02Boppy Dazzler(Big Band)
The Wild Warrior Women of Weardale (an unpremiered work based on the 'Overture from the Mirror Beyond' and arranged for full orchestra.MN-logo
167-14Adagio in A minorsad serenade (guitar/strings)
204-16Time to LeaveCor Anglais - String Q (Requiem)infoMN-logo
145a-07The Fairy CupboardsThis arrangement includes the string parts used on the CD
Teesdale Suite - SpringOrch. arr. of Keep a Rainbow in your heart
Teesdale Suite - Winter original Orch arr. of (later became) Elspeths Dream
140a-05Royal Wedding RagPiano duetMN-logo
142-05Boogie 4-2Piano boogie DuetMN-logo
The Källberg Suite
224-18The Over ChewerStrings/Percussion
229-18The Kool-Berg ComethStrings/Percussion
227-18Troll AlertStrings/Percussion
228-18No CurveStrings/Percussion
225-18The Lionheart(Richard's Theme)
243-19Classycool MusicOrchestral
245-19Think RichStrings/Percussion
242-19The Puppet InstituteStrings/Woodwind
244-19Moody No.1Orchestral
230-18My Fillum MusicOrchestral Cinematic
241-19Première ImpressionPiano Trio
175a-15Sophie/Prayer for a GardenStrings/Woodwind
246-19Attack ThoughtsShort Cinematic Clip
247a-19DivertimentoClassical/Baroque style
248-19Requiem for a TreeRequiem

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I spent several years working in Germany and I wrote this to capture the ambience of Munich and Bavaria. The videos show the Christmas market. I also imagined snowy sleigh rides but didn’t have any clips to match. Maybe I could have added some bells? I rushed this video a bit so the synchronicity is probably… Well there isn’t any actually!

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