I have always loved Ragtime so I naturally wanted to have a go at writing my own pieces. I initially found myself writing in A-B-A song form with maybe an added bridge section and/or a codetta. I ended up writing 12 and called this form The ‘Ragatina’ There is much more detailed infomation on the ‘Jazz-Notes‘ page

Here (below) are a selection of some of my other Ragtime and Novelty piano pieces. Some feature a classical style middle section.
Below is a playlist selection of some of my ‘Jazz Dazzler’ tunes which comprised an album of cameos of common jazz styles (for teaching purposes)

Ragtime Stride & Novelty

Cat.No.TitleDescriptionInfoLink MusNeoSMP
179-78Owen's on the Fiddlefirst called 'The Donkey Song' (Hoedown)info
123a-01Silent Movie Rag (RW)also called 'Magic Lantern Rag'infoMN-logoSMP-logo
132-02Ragatina (No.1)also called 'Ragamuffin'infoMN-logoSMP-logo
133-02Melvyn the Hairy MammothComedy, Cartoon, arr. for brass quartetinfoMN-logo
140-05The Royal Wedding Ragfor Charles & CamillainfoMN-logo
141-05Cuba Libra (with a lime wedge)Latin/Ragtime FusioninfoMN-logo
149-10Glad-RagA rag with too much engine oilinfoMN-logo
150-10The 3rd Waypolitical satire (novelty piano)info
168-15Cleaning the Bath(Ragatina No.2) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
169-15The Cordless Vacuum(Ragatina No.3) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
170-15Decorating the Parlour(Ragatina No.4) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
171-15A Little Pick 'n' Mix(Ragatina No.5) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
172-15Muddling Through(Ragatina No.6) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
178-15Fiddlin' On(Ragatina No.7) mini-ragtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
173-15Tinkling the PlasticsRagtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
180-15The Sweetest PeaRagtime novelty piano pieceinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
181-15Two Terries Rag(Ragatina No.11) RagtimeinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
182-15Sweet Ol' Granny GreenRagtime/Strideinfo
184-15Jolly Good RagRagtime/StrideinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
185-15Two Left FeetMarch/WaltzinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
187-15Where's the White Ball Going?(Ragatina No.12) Stride/NoveltyinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
188-15What did you think of the Jam?(Ragatina No.9) Stride/NoveltyinfoMN-logo
189-15Postman Pauline(Ragatina No.10) Stride/NoveltyinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
192-15Living in a Complicated LifeStride/Novelty (classical)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
193-15Rag-ManinoffRagtime (classical)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
194-15Turning in the GravyNovelty Piano (classical)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
195-15Scuttlebutt WagRagtime/NoveltyinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
196-15Crazy ThirdsStride/Novelty (classical)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
197-15Rosy Buckle's HoneyNovelty PianoinfoSMP-logo
198-15Sheep in Woolly JumpersNovelty PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
200-16That Old Film FlickerNovelty PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
201-16Buster's Pork PieNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
202-16No-one makes me AppierNovelty PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
203-16When Oliver met StanNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
207-16Higgledy-Piggledy Novelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
210-17Bob 'n' MargeNovelty PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
213-17Pootlin' in BootleNovelty PianoinfoMN-logoSMP-logo
209-16The Pointless ChaseNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
214-17Tea in the ParkNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
215-17JoshuaNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logo
217-18Steven the TrekkieNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
218-18The Chocolate FayreNovelty Piano (Silent Movie/Ragtime)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
234-18Fastest Finger FirstNovelty Piano (Silent Movie/Ragtime)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
235-18It's Triplets!Novelty Piano (Silent Movie/Stride)infoMN-logoSMP-logo
236-18Stride Never DiedNovelty Piano (Silent Movie/Stride)infoMN-logo
237-18Trippity Trip to IrelandNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logo
238-18New Allotment HoedownNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logo
251-19Wikkity Wakkity Doo DooNovelty Piano (Silent Movie)infoMN-logo
174-1510 Rags, Ragatinas & Novelty TunesRagtime album MN-logo
190-1510 Rags, Ragatinas etc. Vol.2Ragtime album MN-logo
24 Rags, Ragatina's etc.Ragtime/Novelty
Joanne's Song Stride/Boogie - collaboration with Joanne Bowers
Ragtime Stride & Novelty

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