Valley of the Ice Flowers

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Piano for a Blue World

blueworldCD_frontThe CD contains 4 of my originals plus 11 of the most beautiful romantic classics ever written. Composers include Chopin, Liszt and Debussy. If you would like to order a copy please get in touch through the contact page. The individual tracks are available as digital downloads on the web.

I included ‘Nocturne for Jane’, ‘Angelique’, ‘Water under the Bridge’ and ‘Dancing in the Rain’

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Bavarian Journey

I spent several years working in Germany and I wrote this to capture the ambience of Munich and Bavaria. The videos show the Christmas market. I also imagined snowy sleigh rides but didn’t have any clips to match. Maybe I could have added some bells? I rushed this video a bit so the synchronicity is probably… Well there isn’t any actually!

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