Bavarian Journey

I spent several years working in Germany and I wrote this to capture the ambience of Munich and Bavaria. The videos show the Christmas market. I also imagined snowy sleigh rides but didn’t have any clips to match. Maybe I could have added some bells? I rushed this video a bit so the synchronicity is probably… Well there isn’t any actually!

Attack Thoughts!

Our little garden this time of year sometimes becomes a war zone. Giant wasps make unannounced air raids and attack anything that moves (mainly Jane trying to peg out washing). I really can’t see the point in wasps although I know they have a role in pollination but why can’t we just have Bees? Another thing (while I’m in the mood) The Beeing things try to make a paper dwelling in my shed every year and attack me every time I try to get in the door (of MY shed) I promply spray a can of wasp poison in the shed which almost killed (guess who?) ME!!!

Requiem for a Tree

I have always loved trees and I will secretly hug and talk affectionately to these wonderful beasts. I haven’t yet been carted off by men in white (actually I was once a long time ago) I believe they have a form of awareness and sense ours in some way. This is why some gardeners are more successful than others (they won’t always admit it) I feel genuinely sad when I visit a once favourite tree after a long time and it is gone, felled by the commercial tree murderers. This music is for all Trees. (or is it for Teresa)
I wrote this clip quite quickly as a bridge for a longer movement but it didn’t seem to fit. Rather than throw it away as I often do (regretfully) I made this little video.

Sequence Dance

This was written on 13th/14th May 2019.
My wife and I have recently joined a sequence dancing club as we have reached a certain age where Darby & Joan style occasions seem appropriate (rather than our former Hell’s Angels days of yore) Anyway this piece has nothing to do with the ‘Chicago Swing’ or the ‘Sally Anne Cha Cha’ but is more like a ‘Baroque’ keyboard style piece with plenty of ‘sequencies’ included. It makes quite a good study for the later Grades

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