Classycool Music

This is dedicated to my old website which was my first successful effort into the interweb. We had over 1000 subscribers registered who benefited from the online tuition. I forgot to renew the domain name in one of my distracted periods and someone swooped in and nicked the name. The host server managed to delete everything before I knew where I was and I never really recoved anything. I rebuilt the theory site although it is not now interactive (paranoid about hacking)

Anyway, in the day, I used to post much of my students work and recordings, so there are lots of happy memories at least. The piece is called ‘Classycool Music’ and I did it using Finale (notation) Reaper (DAW) and Garritan (Strings) It came out a bit one dimensional with a lack of dynamics. I’m saving for a MIDI keyboard with Mod wheels etc. as presently I am step programming, which is quite tedious.

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