Étude en Jaune

This was written on 25th February 2018.

This study is very ‘classical’ (actually Baroque style) and is made difficult by the speed I have set (180MM) but it is a pleasure to play. The middle section (not baroque) is quite tricky to perfect on account of the poly-rhythms and it took me awhile to get it to sound right in my recording. I may change it later for something more in keeping with the style. I’ve always thought D major is a ‘yellow’ key, it can exude a tangy sharpness while being sunnily optimistic. (Musicaneo)

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Étude en Indigo

This was written on 21st February 2018.

This study has a lot more shades than purple but the name is really just a name and is not fully descriptive of the piece. There are basically seven main colours in the rainbow as there are seven white notes on the piano keyboard so the musical palette has many ‘colours’ at its disposal. My ‘rainbow’ series of studies apart from helping me to pick up a little French language gives me a single shade starting point for inspiration (like a mood) but then I will always vere off course somewhat. The opening melody in A major is a little melancholy and makes me imagine lyrics like ‘This lonely night’ etc. There is then a short concerto style cameo followed by a more joyous version of the opening melody leading back to a repeat of the 1st subject.

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The Chocolate Fayre

(composed 10th February 2018)

My wife kindly bought me a present box of lovely hand-made chocolates from the ‘Chocolate Fayre’ in Barnard Castle. I soon became addicted and another box arrived after a month. Well I had a migraine for 3 days and assumed I was doing too much computer work. I had a break and wrote a few tunes (including this one) but still had a bad head. Yes, I eventually figured it was the Chocs…. Can’t stop eating them though… Should be called Chocolate Unfayre…

The Chocolate Fayre is a NoveltyPiano/Ragtime piece in celebration of carnal fleshly desires…

Nocturne for Jane

I just recently purchased a new piano sample called Ravenscroft 275 so I gave it a go with ‘Nocturne for Jane’ I think I will like it on some pieces when I get it set up properly. I filled in with some garritan strings but the arrangement need finishing. This is the first time I actually wrote into the Reaper MIDI Editor rather than Finale notation or ‘live’ playing. (very tiresome)