(composed 8th November 2017)

This is a composition about Autism, which affects a member of our family, Joshua, who despite his condition has remarkable and wonderful qualities, as do his immediate family who, it’s fair to say have been to hell and back. I personally, sometimes have problems coping with the best of people and can be most intolerant sometimes but my amazing wife manages somehow to cope with me (most of the time). However, the sort of problems and challenges families with autistic children face daily, weekly, yearly is simply herioc and very underestimated. Anyway music is the only thing I seem to be half decent at so I dedicate this piece to Josh who I know one day will be perfect.

The piece begins and ends with a stride style novelty piano tune and has sad and emotional themes and modulations throughout. There is a brief minor melt down depicted and a few communication issues but there is (has to be) a nice jolly happy ending.

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