Time to Leave

A tune that’s been playing around in my head for many years I thought I’d better write it down. I think it is a beautiful and emotional melody with as much melancholy as a major key will allow but I have probably over orchestrated the harmonies a little. It also needs more light and shade but I am currently unable to use expression marks with the old samples I use. The title alludes to the finality of life and could be used in a funeral service.

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I have sadly lost many friends and family over the years and several well before their time. Rheumatoid Arthritis has severely restricted my piano playing ability in the last year or so but occasionally I get a day or two’s remission. This (unusual for me) joyful and optimistic piece was composed during one of those days. It also reminds me of old friends whose chances of remission are now gone…

We all need to try and make our short time on Earth as meaningful as we can. If we knew we were to die tomorrow how would we behave? How would we want to be remembered? These things would reveal our heart. Maybe we would not need to behave any differently, but in my experience most people only really grow up when they become aware of their mortality ( even young children).

After the final two (arpeggiated) chords there is a sense to the listener that the piece is unfinished. I wrote a question mark on the sheet music (where the final chord should be) in some form of explanation…

I really should write something called Resurrection…

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