Buster’s Pork Pie

A comical novelty piano piece recalling memories of the silent movie days with a title alluding to Buster Keaton and his signature ‘pork pie’ hat. The piece references several familiar tunes and jingles and would probably delight an audience although I haven’t yet given it a go.

“Keaton designed and modified his own pork pie hats during his career. In 1964, he told an interviewer that in making “this particular pork pie”, he “started with a good Stetson and cut it down”, stiffening the brim with sugar water. The hats were often destroyed during Keaton’s wild film antics; some were given away as gifts and some were snatched by souvenir hunters. Keaton said he was lucky if he used only six hats in making a film. Keaton estimated that he and his wife Eleanor made thousands of the hats during his career. Keaton observed that during his silent period, such a hat cost him around two dollars; at the time of his interview, he said, they cost almost $13.” (Wikipedia)

I have dedicated this composition to my Uncle Buster who was killed in action in WWII.

(composed 6th January 2016)

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