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This page contains selected diverse compositions, and some I composed more recently. The page called ‘Portfolio‘ contains my complete works and my ragtime and straight piano works are located on their relevant pages. I am not a born composer with special gifts but I like to try my best to write music that has beauty in the traditional sense and I write purely for the joy it gives me and  anyone else that cares to listen. I can only thank my heavenly Father (and my earthly one) that the gift of music has helped to shape my life in ways I could never have imagined with performing, teaching and composing. Someone recently suggested I write a Symphony. I haven’t the patience to write a Symphony although I understand the form. My Symphony would not rank with any great composer so I feel it would amount to an enormous effort for little reward. I can write and record a couples of minutes of orchestral music in an hour or two and feel mentally exhausted and need a day off. Symphonies are for the 19th Century (When composers knew the trade) So below is a video less than a couple of minutes. (No attention span any more!)

‘Divertimento No.1’ Not performed by the South Durham Chamber Orchestra
‘Attack Thoughts’ – Our little garden this time of year sometimes becomes a war zone. Giant wasps make unannounced air raids and attack anything that moves (mainly Jane trying to peg out washing). I really can’t see the point in wasps although I know they have a role in pollination but why can’t we just have Bees? Another thing (while I’m in the mood) The Beeing things try to make a paper dwelling in my shed every year and attack me every time I try to get in the door (of MY shed) I promply spray a can of wasp poison in the shed which almost killed (guess who?) ME!!!
I wrote this (video below) on 10/11th February 2019. I was listening to some contempory piano music and although I appreciate the complexity and uniqueness of the pieces, I find many a little robotic and overly dissonant. Moreover it is not my gift to emulate modern piano styles, so here is my impressionistic offering which I, at least have affection for. I must stop the French thing before it becomes a paradigm. ‘Première Impression’

A composition for a virtual string ensemble using Garritan (GPO) dedicated to my old website many years ago.

My wife and I are garden lovers (i.e. Eden) and we now only have a small yard-type back garden so we are praying for a home with a nice garden. So I made a video and wrote a string arrangement. I hope this will work…

This piece I called ‘The Puppet Institute’

This piece I called ‘My Fillum Music’

Just currently writing some video game tunes for ‘Zimmer in the Frame’ This is called The Kool-Berg Cometh.
This is one is for the character ‘Diabolokool’.
This one is called ‘Troll Alert’
This one is the Over Chewer
This one is ‘No Curve’
This one is ‘Synagogue of Saturnus’
This one is ‘My Fillum Music’
This one is called ‘Think Rich”

I began attempting composition as a child but I can only remember a few fragments of the ideas I had then. It wasn’t till I was in my early 30’s that my next door neighbour suggested I collaborate with him on a musical he had written for a Cambridge Theatre Company he was associated with. Eventually ‘The Mirror Beyond’ was performed in Cambridge and Peterborough and the Edinburgh Festival in 1982. I was travelling back and forth to the continent at the time but we still managed to write a pantomime (comedy) musical for radio called ‘Alice in Peterborough’. I had a recording studio with grand piano etc. in my basement so most of the work was finished on site. For some reason I stopped writing for 20 years, but after moving further north to Teesdale (Co. Durham) I gained some inspiration from the beautiful countryside and began writing piano and orchestral music often based on watery phenomena. I seem to write for 3 or 4 days frantically and then the flow suddenly stops. I may not write anything for a year or more and then the tap turns itself on again.

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